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TV Features

We are honored to be featured on Twin Cities Live on channel 5. Check out our segments here!

Ladder Safety

Time to get the winter gunk cleaned off your windows.  But you don’t need to get on the ladder yourself.  Kelli Hanson meets with the folks at Kahuna Window Cleaning where they can do it for you!

Click here to book an appointment at Kahuna Window Cleaning or call 612-888-5248. 

Gutter Cleaning in the Fall

Cleaning out your gutters might be more important than you think.  If you don’t, clogged gutters could cause insect infestation, roof leaks, rotted wood, and even water in your basement.  If getting up high to do that isn’t for you, Kahuna Window Cleaning and Seasonal Services can help you out.  They clean gutters too!

Window Cleaning in Fall

Fall is the perfect time to clean your windows to let a little more light inside before the snow begins to fly.  Reporter Kelli Hanson shows us how Kahuna Window Cleaning gives your windows some extra special treatment.

Siding and Roof Wash

You’re ready to get outside, but when you head out do you notice that the exterior of your home could use a little attention? Kahuna Window Cleaning can help you with more than just washing your windows. Kelli Hanson shows us what Kahuna Window Cleaning can do to your home so you’ll be sure to have a beautiful “Backyard Summer”!

Call Kahuna Window Cleaning at 612-888-5248 to book both a siding and roof wash today!

Siding Cleaning

Before the snow flies, the folks of Kahuna Window Cleaning says there is one thing you should take a look at.  Is your siding sporting a lovely film of green or brown?  Kahuna Window Cleaning can help!  Kelli shows us what a difference their siding cleaning service can make to your home.

Holiday Lights

The holiday season can be a whole lot more festive if you dress up your home with holiday lights.  The best part is Kahuna Window Cleaning & Seasonal Services will do the work for you!

Kahuna Window Cleaning

Is winter still hanging out on your windows?  Spring is the perfect time to clean them and let a little more light inside.  Reporter Kelli Hanson shows us how Kahuna Window Cleaning can give your windows the deluxe treatment.

Training Reporter Kelli Hanson

Reporter Kelli Hanson meets up with the pros from Kahuna Window Cleaning to find out what kind of training they go through to get that winter gunk off your windows.

Cleaning Storm Windows

If your world is looking a little dingy from the inside, it’s probably time to wash your windows. The professionals at Kahuna Window Cleaning can take that chore off your hands and you’ll be glad they did.

Ladder Safety

Kahuna window cleaning stopped by TCL reporter Kelli Hanson’s house to get her windows clean and clear for the summer colors and sun to peek through. They also offer siding, roof, and deck cleaning as well.

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