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Meet the Team...

We are most proud of the excellent individuals we have on our team. 

To become a cleaner with us you must first go through a rigorous 5 step hiring process. We hire about 1 in every 100 applicants that apply. New hires go through an online course and an 80 hour hands-on training period. After this they are put on a team with other experienced cleaners. 


Rest assured when you hire us you will ALWAYS get the best of the best. 

Michael Peterson
Crew Leader

Certified Roof Washing Specialist 

Certified Rust Removal Specialist 

In the pouring rain or 95-degree blistering heat, Mike is always good for a smile. He has a very positive mental attitude and outlook on life. You'll love to meet him.
Michael is currently taking college classes with dreams of being a physician. We think he'll make a great one! He enjoys playing the ukulele and has been known to serenade customers with his singing voice while cleaning. He says John C. Maxwell is someone that inspires him the most.
His favorite part of the job is chatting up appreciative customers and, (in his own words) swaying gently in the breeze at the tip top of our highest ladders and of course, maintaining a very high level of accuracy. One achievement he is most proud of is when he made his high school's varsity rugby team and went to the national invitational tournament. 
Michael's favorite Minnesota season is Spring because water drips and birds sing and that makes him feel happy. 
Jake Haseman
Crew Leader
Jake has a huge heart for customer service. One time he went above and beyond the call of duty was when window cleaning at a senior care facility. While in the memory care area of the building he was asked by a resident to help put her slippers on. It was obvious he was being mistaken for one of the care aids that work there. None-the-less he did as he was asked, knelt down, and helped the old lady on with her pink fuzzy slippers. Less than a minute went by and he was being asked to take them off for her. He did, then went back to work cleaning the window. A moment later, the request for help came again. This time for help putting the slippers back on. This happened half a dozen times before he decided he should find an aid to take over.
He is naturally kind and respectful but keeps everyone entertained all day long. Jake won the 2017 "Jim Carrey Award" because he is hilarious and can do some great impressions. He loves going up north to his family cabin. He enjoys taking great care of his Monte Carlo SS. His favorite season is fall because it's the perfect weather for hoodies and watching nature change color. Jake is most inspired by his dad who is a U.S. Marine. Jake would love to train dogs someday but we hope he sticks around awhile! He is such a huge asset to our team.
Hunter Brokke
Crew Leader
One of our fastest learners, Hunter loves meeting new customers and seeing their reaction when we finish a job. 
Her work ethic and dedication are unmatched for her age. She goes to college full time and works plenty of overtime on the job as well. Her favorite Minnesota season is the fall because it's a great bonfire season and the leaves change beautiful colors. 
Hunter is most inspired by her parents because they are such hard workers and have high morals. We think they taught her well! 
Zach Kopecky 
Team Member

Certified Roof Cleaner Specialist 

Certified Rust Removal Specialist 

Friendly and methodical, Zach loves meeting new people and making customers happy. Zach's favorite Minnesota season is winter and summer because he loves snowboarding and playing beach volleyball. 
Zach says he is most inspired by his mom because she is very optimistic about life. His favorite quote is by Henry James "Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself"
Zach is a huge asset to our core team. You'll agree when you meet him!
Josiah Martin
Team Member
Such a likable personality, Josiah comes to us from the retail industry where he was responsible for customer service training and management. 
He enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is inspired by other ambitious people working hard for success. He favorite quote is "It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit". The season Josiah most enjoys is the Fall.
Josiah is most proud of becoming a manager at his retail job at only 19. We are pretty darn proud we stole him away! :) 
Jack Davis
Team Member
Jack likes to get right down to business. He loves the sense of accomplishment he gets from working here. 
Jack is in the Army National Guard and enjoys videography, photography, learning about computers, and football.
Jack's favorite quote is by Ronald Reagan. "Freedom isn't free; it must be fought for and protected, and handed to the next generation for the same." Jack enjoys our cold Minnesota winters the most out of all the seasons. 
Jack says his most proud moment was enlisting in the U.S. Army. 
Thanks for your service to our country Jack! And for your awesome service to our customers! 
Kelly Olson
Mostly behind the scenes these days, Kelly makes sure the numbers are trending in the right direction and payroll goes out on time. She answers phones when needed as well. She is naturally organized and is a numbers wiz. 
Kelly works full time as a Sheriff's Deputy for Washington County. She has a Master's in Public Safety Executive Leadership from Saint Cloud State. Someday she would like to be a stay-at-home mom or a college professor. 
Kelly loves fishing at her grandpa's cabin, camping, and country music. Oh... and her cat. She loves her cat very very much. :) 
Andy Misiura
Let's see...
What do I do these days?.....  Write web pages like this I guess!
I love life and would love to travel the world some day.
My focus is on creating a 5 star experience for our customers and a first class company culture for our employees.
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