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Roof Washing

The Finest Minnesota Homes since 2007.

# 1

Why does your roof get dirty? And why wash it?

After about 5-10 years you may start seeing dark streaks, even moss, and lichen on your roof. (Especially on the NORTH side) This happens when the roof granules begin to wear away, exposing the asphalt layer to airborne spores. This alga called Gloeocapsa Magma will attach to your roof and spread.

Here are 4 reasons this should be taken care of right away.

1. It's an eyesore. This is usually the first thing that comes to homeowner's mind. While it is ugly having black streaks going up your shingles, it's probably the least important of the reasons.


2. Moss, lichens, even black algae can inhibit your shingles ability to reflect heat from the sun. This results in higher cooling costs during the summer. 

3. Your shingle granules attach to a lime layer that holds the granules on. Algae on your roof speed up the aging process of your shingles. In some cases, insurance agencies have canceled homeowner policies due to this.

4. Your own health! Mildew and mold growth on and around your home is one of the leading causes of upper respiratory problems in children and older adults. Get rid of it and breath easier. 


Why we "Soft Wash" your roof and never "Pressure Wash"

# 2

We often get asked, "what is the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?" A well equipped exterior cleaning service should be able to do either. 


However, pressure washing should never be used to clean siding and especially not your roof!  Plainly put, "soft washing" is a method used to remove organic growth from surfaces. Typically used in house washing, deck washing, and roof washing


We lightly spray the shingles with a special mixture of soap and algicides made specifically for your particular roof. After this, we wait. Sometimes your roof will need multiple applications. After a few minutes, black streaks will slowly turn brown, then disappear. Green moss and lichen will slowly turn a light brown or white color, fall away, and die within a few weeks leaving your roof looking like new.


Sooo... why should YOU trust Kahuna to clean your roof?

# 3

Five Year Warranty

That's right, the only company in the twin cities that offers you a 5 year, transferable warranty on your roof cleaning.

-1st year free; no questions asked
-2nd -5th year -1/2 original cost

Background Checked and PROPERLY Insured

Unfortunately, far too many pressure washing companies are not properly insured or covered to be on a roof.

It is the homeowner's responsibility to verify proper coverage AND it could be the homeowner that is responsible in the case of an accident if the company in not properly insured. We have monthly safety meetings and yearly OSHA certified training events to ensure you get the best possible service and we stay safe providing it.



Highly Trained and Experienced

Before we let any new cleaner out to your beautiful home they go through a rigorous online video training and hands-on course. 

When dealing with your largest asset you want to know that the cleaners are properly trained. 

You will love to know that we hire 1 of 75 applicants on average.

Your experience is important to us so we are very particular about whom we let wear our uniform. We treat our employees well and they stick around. The benefit to you is happy and experienced techs on your job.

Plus, your amazing experience is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


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