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in the Finest Minnesota Homes since 2007.

Sooo... why should YOU trust Kahuna Window Cleaning?

# 1

Careful and Conscientious 

"They worked quietly and carefully throughout my house." -Amy in Stillwater


You'll feel at ease right away with our process. Before we let any new cleaner into your home they go through a 16-hour video course we created just for our employees. It covers everything from how to shake your hand to carefully protecting your floors and furniture with our special drip rugs. After the online course, our new hires practice hands-on at our own house and office. They must become proficient before we send them to your house. When they pass a final white glove inspection we put them on an 80 hour hands-on training period. After this, they are put on a team with other experienced cleaners.


Background Checked and Insured

"...On the confirmation email, there was a picture of the young man that was scheduled to clean my windows. The link to read his bio was a cute touch also." -Lori in Ramsey

When we leave your property the only thing missing will be the dirt!  You are protected by our 2 million in liability insurance. Our employees are protected by workman's compensation insurance.

High Standards and Low Turnover

"Everyone we work with is really friendly, we always have a great time on the job." -Jake, (Team Leader)

"I really enjoy working with my employers and the other co-workers as well" -Mike, (Team Leader)

We are proud to be living wage employers! This allows us to be very selective about whom we hire. because your experience is important to us. We treat our employees well and they stick around. The benefit to you is happy and experienced techs on your job. Plus, your amazing experience is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


Count your panes! Here's how.

# 2

Each individual framed pane of glass is considered one pane.

New Pane Count.jpg

Choose what option is right for you! 

We have options for your specific needs and budget

# 3

Basic Package


With this package, you will get your exterior windows beautified by our certified professional cleaners. You can book conveniently online within 5 minutes and pay by text when we complete your job. 

Standard Package


When you order a Standard Window Cleaning prepare to be wowed. Having both inside and outside windows perfectly clean feels great. The outside looks greener and the inside looks brighter! You'll love knowing that when we leave your property the only thing missing will be the dirt because every team member is background checked and certified. 

Premium Package


When you pamper yourself you feel good. When you pamper your house, you and your house feel good! With this package, your windows and your screens get the royal treatment from our cleaning technicians and also comes with a  10-day Rain Guarantee.

Add Track Cleaning

# 4

Don't let a stranger in your home!

Get to know our AWESOME crew leaders!

IMG_20180504_080014edit 2.jpg

Hunter loves meeting new customers and seeing their reaction when we finish a job. 

Her work ethic and dedication are unmatched for her age. She goes to college full time and works plenty of overtime on the job as well. Her favorite Minnesota season is the fall because it's a great bonfire season and the leaves change beautiful colors. 

Hunter is most inspired by her parents because they are such hard workers and have high morals. We think they taught her well! 

Hunter  Brokke

Jake has a tremendous eye for detail and a drive to always be improving his skills. He is naturally kind and respectful but keeps everyone entertained all day long. Jake won the 2017 "Jim Carrey Award" because he is hilarious and can do some great impressions. He loves going up north to his family cabin. He enjoys taking great care of his Monte Carlo SS. 

Jake Haseman

In the pouring rain or 95-degree blistering heat, Mike is always good for a smile. He has a very positive mental attitude and outlook on life. You'll love to meet him. Michael is currently taking college classes with dreams of being a physician. We think he'll make a great one! He enjoys playing the ukulele and has been known to serenade customers with his singing voice while cleaning. He says John C. Maxwell is someone that inspires him the most.

Mike Peterson

IMG_20180523_133750 edit.jpg

Such a likable personality, Josiah comes to us from the retail industry where he was responsible for customer service training and management. 

He enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is inspired by other ambitious people working hard for success. He favorite quote is "It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit". The season Josiah most enjoys is the Fall.

Josiah is most proud of becoming a manager at his retail job at only 19. We are pretty darn proud we stole him away!

Josiah Martin

IMG_20180504_080120 edit.jpg

Friendly and methodical, Zach loves meeting new people and making customers happy. Zach's favorite Minnesota season is winter and summer because he loves snowboarding and playing beach volleyball. ​

Zach says he is most inspired by his mom because she is very optimistic about life. His favorite quote is by Henry James "Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for yourself"​

Zach is a huge asset to our core team. You'll agree when you meet him!

Zach Kopecky

Owners Kelly and Andy

# 5

We are happy to serve the entire metro area.

Don't let the Hawaiian name fool you. We were born and raised in the Land of Lakes.

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